My friend recently gave me a Svensk Co. candle for my birthday.  Not only is it beautifully designed, but the lavendar & rosemary scent fills my office even when it's not burning.  I love discovering new, local businesses and will certainly be purchasing more from Svensk Co's line.

My 1SE Video

I love the idea of doing a 365 day project, but up until last year I had never actually done one.  So on my 30th birthday (3/22/2016), I decided to use the app 1SE to create a video of short clips from the entire year.  The final result is below and I must say, I'm thrilled that I did it.  It's great to look back on an especially eventful year; I was living in Sydney, got married, and did a ton of traveling.  Each one second clip sparks a much bigger memory from a very special year.

It's interesting, because the times I remembered to record were often not the most exciting parts of the day.  But perhaps that's a good thing?  I suppose in this day of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. living in the present and not always reaching for a way to document that moment for the world to see is okay.  If I were to do this again, I'd certainly change a few things but overall I enjoyed the process and love the final result.

A few things I learned....

  • The idea of sticking with something every single day for an entire year can seem daunting.  Choosing a fun, easy project like this helped to keep things low-stress and relaxed.  
  • On a similar note, skipping a day is no big deal.  I tried to not worry about missing an awesome moment or even an entire day.
  • I'm a visual person, but as a photographer I'm often thinking about a still scene rather than considering movement.  This project definitely gave me an appreciation for videography and the art of film making.


(Music is Kidwaste Remix by Les Gordon.  I added this in iMovie)